Swim-pressive! Tiana Goes To Regionals

By Miri & Saskia 

The Swimming Carnival was a few weeks ago and our friend Tiana made it into regionals. Regionals is the next competition after zone, and Tiana is the only person in Kegworth who made it through this year. We interviewed her and asked these questions:

Press Gang: Did you expect to get into regionals?

Tiana: Yes, because my family does swim a lot so I thought I had a chance. My sister is a role model for me, she is a state swimmer and helps me with my technique.

In Zone, Tiana came 3rd in the 50-meter freestyle, however, in regionals she came 17th out of 36. Which we think is a very good achievement!

Press Gang: How did you feel about getting into regionals?

Tiana: I was relatively calm but very happy inside. I have been to regionals before so I was anything but nervous. 

Tiana has a long history with swimming competitions. 

Press Gang: Do you think you will try for it next year?

Tiana: Yes, because it is such a great experience, racing and watching other people swim. It’s almost a whole different world when you are about to dive into the Olympic Pool.

Tiana has certainly impressed us all, just like all the other incredible swimmers from Kegworth. Who knows, someday she might get to nationals! 

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