REVIEW: Harry Styles, Love on Tour, Accord Stadium

By Lucy

Hi, my name is Lucy, and I recently went to the Sydney Harry Styles, Love on Tour, concert in Sydney. 

I have been a fan of Harry Styles for at least three years now and every time I hear his songs or voice, I immediately know it’s him and if it’s a song, I start dancing. I like Harry Styles because in my opinion he makes much better songs than everybody else and has a better voice. 

When I arrived, I felt the adrenaline rush through my veins and I was very excited when I started walking to the area where I was sitting. A lot of people I saw there were dressed up in bright colourful clothes and I also saw some people who were dressed up in eggplant, banana and Teletubby costumes.

Before Harry came on, there was this very loud band called Wet Leg that played and nobody around me seemed to be enjoying it. Most of them (including me) were covering their ears. My friend and I did not enjoy Wet Leg, Instead, we sat there talking to each other, looking at the time and the stage every five seconds. Harry did not come on the stage until much later than we expected.

To me, the highlights of the concert were when everybody started doing the wave. Every time the wave came near me my heart started beating very fast and I stood up and did the wave and I could hear everybody around me cheer.

Someone who was right at the front of the arena near the stage asked Harry if he could do her gender reveal. He ended up doing it and was stalling the whole time before he actually said the gender (it was a girl).

My favourite song ended up playing near the end of the concert and before it played, I thought the concert was over, Harry had made us wait in the dark for at least ten minutes! My favourite song is As It Was and when it started playing everybody knew what song it was because of the iconic start: “Come on Harry, we wanna say goodnight to you!” and then everybody stood up and cheered.

In conclusion, I enjoyed the concert and it was one of the best experiences of my life!

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