Get Ready For World Storytelling Day

Tiana and Tilly

World Storytelling day is celebrated on the 20th of March, and on this day it is a tradition that authors read stories to the biggest crowds possible.This is meant to help encourage young children to start reading more books or just improve their vocabulary.

World Storytelling day is also about celebrating the art of storytelling. Every year on this day there is a theme, last year (2022) it was “Lost and Found” and this year it is “Together We Can”. 

This day started with visual stories and then physical drawings in caves, then they shifted into a tradition that every year on the 20th of March that they tell stories. This was passed down from generation to generation. Printed stories are much more common, knowing that there are lots of electronics and not many caves. Stories have backgrounds and meanings, and you can use drawings to resemble what everything is meant for. 

The art of storytelling can help young children develop important skills like talking and listening. Storytelling forges and creates connections among people. It connects culture with people, and it joins important history to the minds of people. Just reading a book can influence, teach and inspire. Storytelling is very valuable and this is why people value World Storytelling Day!

Storytelling is the social and cultural activity of sharing stories. Every culture has its own stories or narratives, which are shared as a means of entertainment, education and cultural preservation. Let’s all embrace this year’s storytelling day and read as many books to as many people as possible.

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