The Inside Scoop On Rapid Fire, A Kegworth Kids Band

By Alex from the Press Gang

How did Rapid Fire get together? 

We started as three friends who played music. Our founder Alex Burgoyne (me) started the Idea. As I was the most experienced musician in the group. I came up with the idea of the band in the playground.

As soon as the idea hit my head I rushed to my friends. It took a while to get started as we never got around to finding time to practice. Now that we’ve finally found time to practice the band has really started to become a thing in our lives.

When we realized we needed a bassist, we let my brother Toby in as is was quite good at playing bass. 

Can you tell us more about the band members? 

The first member is Ethan, 4W. He is our acoustic guitarist and is also one of my friends from early kindy. 

He is taught by Dan. Dan is one of the amazing music tutors at Kegworth and is also teaching our other guitarist Hugo Luffman. Hugo is our lead electric guitarist and he lives just down the road from me so he can just come up the road and we can have a jam. 

Our third member is my brother Toby Burgoyne, our bassist and also very skilled guitarist. He is my brother and also happens to play violin.

I’m the most experienced member of the band. I play drums and for the band I mostly make up my parts to go with what the guitarists have learnt. I also play piano which helps with reading guitar music.

I want to start a band! Can you give me any advice?

Yes! I am going to give you five useful tips to help YOU start a band!

  1. Try to get a group of musicians around the same level. This is something we did NOT do.
  2. Try to have someone who you know well and will be around whilst you are practicing who has the right equipment and also knows how to use it. For me this is something that came from being in a musical family.
  3. Try to have a/some guitarists who can read music.
  4. It also helps for the whole band to be in to the same styles of music e.g, rock, pop or Indie.

Where can we see you play? 

We mainly perform at kegworth events and usually we’re busking. We will be busking at Kegworth on March 25th during the election fundraiser. 

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