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Writing Competitions And Why I Love Them

By Saskia

My name is Saskia, and I’m 10 years old. Every year I enter about 2 writing competitions with my sister. I started entering these when I was in year 2 in lockdown, and I’ve been committed to doing them ever since.  

Writing competitions are mostly imaginative pieces, nothing in there needs to be factual. This way kids can express their imagination in a special sort of way. All the competitions I enter are for kids only, but you’d be free to enter with adults if you’re confident enough.  The thing I find most fun about the competitions is nothing you write can be wrong. Kids can tell their own stories completely from their imagination. Sometimes, when I don’t like the story I’ve written, I delete the whole thing. 

My favourite contest is The Better Read Than Dead competition. Better Read Than Dead is a bookstore, but they also produce kids writing competitions. They create them twice a year, each with a different theme. The next kids writing competition will launch in Week 10 of Term 1 with an announcement on the Better Read Kids Instagram

When all the entries are submitted they edit them, choose their winners and put it all into a book. Each contestant gets a copy of the book with all the kids’ stories in them. So far, I’ve collected 4 books from entering 4 of their competitions. 

Here are some other kids’ writing competitions coming up:

  1. Hilarie Lindsay Short Story Competition
  2. Positive Words Monthly Mini Competitions
  3. About Kids Books Short Story Prize

Those are only a few competitions but I’m sure there’ll be more throughout the year.

Maybe this article will encourage you to try out writing a story for a competition. I just want you to remember that the words ‘writing competition’ can be rather off putting. It’s not really a competition, as in most cases everyone gets some sort of recognition for participating. The fact that you tried and wrote a whole story from your own imagination is an impressive achievement. 

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