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Humans of Kegworth: Melanie, Kegworth’s Administration Manager


How long have you been a human of Kegworth?  

I started at Kegworth P.S last year 2022 at the beginning of the school year as the Administration Manager.

What do you love most about the school?    

It’s very friendly, vibrant and a good size and I can walk to work!

Is Kegworth anything like the primary school that you went to?  

Yes probably quite similar, I went to a lovely little primary school in England. A little hard to remember as it was a long time ago but I enjoyed my primary school years a lot.  I developed my love of reading during that time and have never stopped. A big difference would have been the weather! So cold walking to school on those winter mornings and trying to write with frozen hands until the classrooms warmed up.

What do you do with your time when you are not at Kegworth?  

I walk everywhere! I also spend time reading, sewing, doing crafts and Zumba, and walking to cafes around the Inner West for the best coffee.

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