The Commonwealth Games

By: Aya From The Press Gang

The Commonwealth Games is a sporting event where athletes from all the Commonwealth countries come together and compete. This year it was held in Birmingham in the UK and went for eleven days, ending on the 9th of August. The Commonwealth Games are held two years after the Olympic Games but this year it was only one year after because of the postponing of the most recent Olympic Games due to COVID. In 2026, these games will be held in Victoria, the first time a state instead of a city will hold them. 

The winner of the commonwealth games this year was Australia with 67 gold medals, followed by England with 57 gold medals. Also, Australia’s swimming superstar Emma McKeon has now made history as the Commonwealth Games athlete with the most medals ever! That’s pretty incredible! Australia as a nation generally excels at swimming in particular and wins many medals in those events. So even though the Commonwealth Games are over there are still always sporting events to look out for and the Olympics are only two years away.

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