Top Ten Games

By Bonnie from Press Gang

  1. Minecraft
  2. Zelda breath of the wild
  3. Animal crossing
  4. Celeste 
  5. Mario kart

These are all very popular games and here is some information about these wonderful games.

Minecraft: This is a fun and exciting game where you can do many things such as fighting mobs, building anything you want , mining and exploring.

Zelda Breath of the Wild: In this game you are making your way through the kingdom of hyrule and on the way you find koroks, yiga clan and also the master sword in the story you defeat ganon, an ancient evil. 

Animal crossing: This is a lovely game that is about making your own, nice, happy island on the ocean, (Fun Fact: This game went viral in lockdown.) 

Celest: a rather emotional  platformer game that has multiple levels  and is a game about helping anxiety.  

Mario kart: a racing game that is a Nintendo classic you can do many races and kids any age  can play.

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