Reasons You Should Build Lego

By: Archer and Jemma from the Kegworth times

Reasons why you should build lego


1.You can use your imagination and build whatever you want.


2.You can build something and then break it and then you can rebuild something new.


3.You can make your own lego set.


4.You can buy new lego sets then combine your new lego.


5.You can VS someone in your family to see who can build the greatest and best lego theme.


 6.You  can find some lego and ask someone in your family to make you build a certain thing.


7.Try to build a charter from a book or movie.


  1. 8. You can get lots of lego and minifigures and make a whole city.


9.If you lose lego instructions you can use the pieces to build something new.


10.You can find a object and try to build it with lego.


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