Our Environment

By: Saskia from The Press Gang

Look out your window, it doesn’t matter if it is raining or not. It looks fine, doesn’t it? It seems that way, but actually outside our modern homes the world is not so fine anymore. Things like pollution, deforestation and burning forest fuels are creating something horrendous to come. Yes, it is not here yet and it will take a matter of years for it to come, but unless we do something now it will become an everyday thing. 

Instead of using a plastic coffee cup, you could use a reusable cup that can carry more and helps decrease landfill. Landfill, you may hear this word a lot and most people do know what it means by now but for those others, it is when too much non-recyclable material goes into the only earth we have. When you get your next coffee or any drink, think; ‘maybe today I’ll change my behavior and be the one to start a new way’. 

Sometimes in movies or books you see pictures of polluted cities with rubbish strewn on the ground. Nothing more than an imagination there, but imagine if that came to be reality? Imagine if home was not so like home anymore? Imagine one day, looking outside, expecting to see the normal bright, shining sun and beautiful trees everywhere but instead seeing barren wasteland filled with burnt down trees and coal. 

I guess you could say I’m overreacting, and I guess you could say this might not happen, but I haven’t just made this up. Sometimes you have to be aware of something, long before it comes. So, keep this in mind for a while, consider it, and remember it. Maybe in your future it will come in handy.

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