Year Six Taking Over Kegworth Times

By: Jade And Penny From The Press Gang


Attention all students and teachers! The newspaper you are reading right now is constructed by some very hard working writers and some of those are reading it right now. Though there is something strange in the press gang that you probably won’t notice. Well, did you guess what it is? Well you see the press gang is actually made up of people all the way from year 3 to 6!


For those that don’t already know, press gang is a club at lunchtime on Tuesdays, it used to be run by Cat Rodie (Cerys y6 and Grace former Kegworth students mum), she was a journalist and now she has passed on the joy of running press gang to her daughter, Cerys, and her friends. While at press gang you can write articles, interview or be part of a filming team. We are part of that team taking over press gang. We help with editing, publishing, articles and ideas. Also a quick shout out to Karen Wong. She helps us put together the printed copies of Kegworth Times for everyone at Kegworth to read.

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