Endangered Animals

By: Bonnie from the Press Gang

There are loads of endangered animals out there.

Here is a short list of some endangered animals.

  1. Snow leopard
  2. Hawksbill turtle
  3. Axolotl (of any type)
  4. Sunda tiger
  5. Red panda
  6. Javan rhino
  7. Saola

I will give you some critical information about these endangered animals.

Snow leopard: Their main pray are blue sheep (which aren’t actually blue.) These animals are extremely endangered and only 1 out of 12000 are snow leopards.

Hawksbill turtle: Their diet mainly consisted of sea sponges but they also eat a variety of other things! There are only 8000+ left in the world.

Axolotl: The axolotls main prey are worms and fish and other similar creature. There are not many axolotls left and they are only found in Mexico. Also they can regrow limbs and organs including the heart and the brain.

Sunda tiger: They eat a diet of deer, wild boars, monkeys, tapir birds and fish. There are only 400 left in the world.

Red panda: Red pandas are actually herbivores and only eat bamboo shoots, berries and blooms. Red pandas are very rare and there are  less than 10,000 left in the wild.

Javan rhino: Javan rhinos are herbivores and eat shoots and twigs and are extremely rare with only 64 left alive.

Saola: Saola are rare and they eat leaves of trees and bushes and there are 250 left in the wild.

There are many more in the wild and save the animals!

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