Reduce Rubbish From the Canteen

By Penny from The Press Gang

Attention all people who have been to the canteen!

Have you or one of your friends been guilty of not throwing your empty chip packet or frozen Milo cup away, not in the bin but on the floor? Yes, most of you probably have.

The big problem is the canteen has lots of plastic wrappers and not everyone throws them away. You are probably thinking that well I don’t care its only a small sour stick wrapper it will decompose someday soon. What I want you to think about this. When you throw a piece of plastic from the canteen or in your lunch box on the floor it could end up anywhere even in your own mouth. You see, if your sour sick wrapper goes in the ocean and a fish eats it, that fish may very well be caught and served up in your sushi. Plastic does decompose someday but it will take decades or even a century if it’s a big piece.

The amount of waste that gets tossed on the floor every year across the globe is a whopping eight to fourteen tonnes of plastic. Is this making you feel guilty? Well, you can help.By bringing something from a metal fork to eat your pasta from the canteen or throwing your empty packets of chips in the bin can make a small difference to the environment. Still, everywhere you walk in the school grounds, you will find a piece of plastic or rubbish. We can do more. If you see a piece of rubbish don’t just walk away. Pick it up and put it in the bin. 

The canteen is also trying to reduce its waste. The small things like less packaged things and more hot food that you can wrap in a tissue. Plastic cups are becoming rarer as well as cans thanks to the enviro banks. If we keep this up we can reduce a lot of waste from the canteen that ends up on the floor.  


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