Pets of Kegworth

Pets Of Kegworth: Bindy

By: Scarlett From The Press Gang

What is your name?
I’m Bindy!


What type of pet are you? I’m a cavoodle, so I’m a mix of poodle and a cavalier.


How long have you been a pet of Kegworth? I’ve only been a pet of Kegworth for a few months but i am one year old.  


What do you like about being a pet? I love getting showered with attention by my big sister!


Who are your owners and who do you like the best? Margot, Scarlett, Anna and Paul. My favorite is definitely Margot because she gives me lots of treats.  


What do you like best about your owners? They give me lots of walks and cuddles all the time!


What is your favorite thing to do during the day? I love to run around with my two big sisters, Scarlett and Margot!

What is your most annoying habit (that annoys your human)?  Sometimes Margot’s special pieces of paper about axolotls falls onto the floor and then I want to be friendly and play with it (it gets wrecked sometimes.)

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