By Georgia from the Press Gang

Roblox is a very big online game that has 43.3 million people playing. In this game you can friend people and design avatars. To make your avatar more interesting, you can get robux. Robux is a sort of money on Roblox where you spend well. . . money to buy robux. I play Roblox myself and my parents don’t give me robux. I don’t blame them because it is a waste of money. Robux can only make your character better and get things in servers but does not make any change. It is a big waste of money. The servers are  tons of fun too, but there is also chatting where you can text messages. Lots of these are rude. Of Course there is a way to stop this, well you can’t stop them texting but you can go to settings and make it unable for you to see the messages. Certainly you can still play Roblox, this is just to make it easy for you. Have fun playing!

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