World Poetry Day

By: Miri, Saskia and Tiana from the Press Gang

World Poetry Day is a day celebrated on the 21st of March. People celebrate by having poetry festivals and going to a handful of events online and offline. It is about recognising how much poetry gives us and how we can use it to express our feelings. You may not enjoy reading or writing any poetry but just this once, on this day, we celebrate it.

Poetry is important, it lets us get our feelings and thoughts down in a piece of writing. It really helps encourage us to find the meaning in our experiences we go through. Poetry can have a positive impact on the social and emotional learning of children. It may offer them a new way of thinking about something.

World poetry day is celebrated because of ‘the unique ability of poetry to capture the creative spirit of our minds’. It was founded in 1999 in the hope that the interest in poetry will increase and a way to communicate across borders and different cultures. Finally World Poetry Day is celebrated to honour poets and revive oral tradition.

We can share so much with poetry and use it in our writing as well! 


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