By: Jasper from the Press Gang

Bedwars is a game from Minecraft that we like to play during our free time. Here are some tips and tricks for winning your first few games of Bedwars.

  • Protect your bed at all costs. If your bed is destroyed, you are unlikely to win the game as you cannot respawn if your bed is destroyed.
  • Attempt to take control of all the Emerald & Diamond generators. These generators contain valuable resources that you can sell for upgrades and items.
  • Work as a team. Working as a team can help improve your outcome in winning the game overall because you are more coordinated and therefore more likely to win. 
  • Knock people off their bridges while they’re traveling from island to island. Players are most vulnerable when they are on narrow 1-block bridges.
  • Use ranged projectiles.Projectiles can damage from a longer distance and a lot of them do as much, or even more damage than a sword.
  • For extra reach, use explosives. Using explosives like fireballs & TNT to catapult you further along a bridge is an advanced, but useful technique.


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