School Hours Being Rethought

By: Aya from the press gang

If there’s one aspect of our lives that doesn’t really change its school hours. In Australia the school hours are 9am to 3pm or thereabout, but in other countries it can be quite different. For example, in China, school starts around 7:30am and ends at 5pm with a two hour break for lunch! Where we live we have often taken this for granted and not considered what it would be like if school times were a bit different.

Since 1880 our school hours have been the same in Australia, but what if that was changed, what would the pros and cons be? Our NSW premiere Dominic Perrottet was thinking that maybe it is time for a little change. The main suggestion right now would be to change school hours to 7am or 7:30am to 1:30pm, and possibly make school hours longer. 

Many people think this would be a brilliant idea, however others are not so sure. It is meant to help families with working parents so they can share the work day and look after the children. In our community though, a lot of families now have parents who do not live together, so would it really be the best solution for single parent households? We will find all this out soon because a few schools in NSW have volunteered to trial this new change of school hours. Although schools are doing this, it will take a long time to implement this change, if after all they decide to.

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