International Women’s Day

By: Aya from the press gang

The 8th of March is a very special day; International Women’s Day. Every year there is a new theme and this year the theme is ‘Equality Today For A Sustainable Tomorrow.’ This is a very important thing to think about as it is not only talking about equality for women, but also about the environment and sustainability.This year we can think about the theme and how it involves the environment.

International women’s day was first established in 1975 and two years later it is now on the 8th of March every year. For women this is a very important day because years ago, things for men and women were not very fair. Nowadays, in our society things are pretty equal and women have basically all the rights that men do. 

In 1902 for the first time in Australian history, all women in all states were allowed to vote. This marks a special day in history for women and international women’s day gives us all a cause to celebrate and consider women’s rights. 

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