Animation Crash Course

By: Percy From The Press Gang

 Have you ever seen an epic animation but never knew how to do one yourself? Say no more! This piece should serve as an introduction to the most basic principles of animation and give you some tips.


Frame by frame:

The most basic form of animation is frame by frame, frame by frame by animation may be slow but if done correctly it can produce stunning results. Almost all animation programs will come with frame by frame, you can even use microsoft powerpoint to animate. Stick figures are a good place to start. If you can’t think of any ideas, try animating a fight between two stick figures on a white background.


Bone animation:

If you think that frame by frame animation is to slaw then you may like bone animation. In bone animation, you connect each limb to a bone which you can move independently. This allows for detailed and interesting animation without horse of efort. If you’re feeling creative, you could try using bone animation as a base and then doing frame by frame over the top to spruce it up!



Animation is a fun and beautiful artform but it isn’t for everyone, if you however are interested in animation, give it a go! Try something new!


Here are some great tools for beginner animation:





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