Another Year To Remember

By Saskia

Although we have already had one hard year of pandemic in 2020, it’s happened again. Lockdown. Sickness. Deaths. Isolation. Some of the main words you could use to describe this year. And yet, does anyone look on the positive side of life? If you go on walks with a different friend each day, this pandemic is sure to be a main topic. 

But, no one looks on the positive side. No one says “hey! Aren’t we lucky that we’re not sick from Covid! That our families are safe and we’re not alone at home!” Next time you’re sad because you can’t go to your favourite theme park or you have to wear a mask everyday, think ‘gee I’m lucky that I’m not isolated and locked up at home!’ 

Sometimes, if you look on the positive side of life it feels like better things are happening to you. It’s like looking at things with a glass half empty… rather than just making other people’s lives a bit more hopeful, and by that, also yours!

I know that Covid19 has been a very difficult year but we have survived it. And on the chance it will happen again, we’ll be ready, and strong and we’ll know that it won’t last forever. Don’t worry about it now though, use the time you have to do all those fun things you can now do, because who knows what is awaiting us?

Now it is so close to 2022 and lets hope we start fresh and we can forget about the days we spent in lockdown. But even then, those bad times will be glued to our memory forever, a story of an awful pandemic that killed many innocent lives. That would be a story you could tell your children and grandchildren, a story of what happened now, and what will happen in the future.

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Isla, From Year 6, is the Editor of Kegworth Times.

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