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By Jade, Reporter.


Okay so this may not be what you want when the summer holidays are over, you kind of want them to go forever, right? But we have been in lockdown for about FOUR MONTHS, and yeah I get that sitting on the couch in your pyjamas is GREAT. Apart from your physical health. Now a miracle has happened, and so many kids want to go back to school. 

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We are finally about to come back to school. Freedom day was on the 11th of October, Monday, but the one thing that hasn’t yet come back is school, and while many of you may love lounging around – this can’t go on forever. 

The schools didn’t open straight away as the teachers might not yet be ready and/or be double vaccinated yet. Kindy and year one have now gone back to school on Monday the 18th, and if all goes well then the rest of us will be back by the 25th.

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Many principles are saying that some kids may need to wear masks as their parents will feel more comfortable that way. Dr Kerry Chant says that kids SHOULD wear masks when we go back to school and that teachers must, unless outside.

Some kids have been going to school during lockdown as their parents need to work in their offices. I am one of those children that needs to go every now and again. It was okay, or at least, I feel like it was. There were about twenty children or so going every day, give or take a few.

Now finally I want to share what some people might have liked about going into lockdown and what others missed. For example I am sure that many people will be missing their friends and family and are now finally allowed to see them. I know that some people have also missed seeing their teachers but loved the comfy and chill side of lockdown.

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Moving out of lockdown was a big step and we are now almost ready for the next one – going back to school.

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Isla, From Year 6, is the Editor of Kegworth Times.

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