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What Does Roblox Teach You?

By Isla


So… Roblox. Yep. If you’re a parent it’s the thing that wastes all of your kid’s time. If you’re a kid, it’s the fun gaming platform. But what does Roblox teach you?

Well, first off let’s consider how many games are actually on Roblox. I’m going to guess that it’s over 500. That means that whoever is playing has to choose what game to play. So, Roblox teaches you to make decisions.

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I’m going to take a random guess and say that there are probably over 100 realistic roleplaying games too. These games help people think about things that they may not consider, like how to spend money, and what it’s like to be a parent (this may be stretching the limit a bit).

Another thing that I just hinted at is money usage. I think that 98% of games on Roblox have some sort of currency, and the entire Roblox platform uses Robux as well. These can teach kids to spend money wisely, and Robux even more so, because that uses real money too. So Roblox teaches kids to spend wisely.

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Roblox also helps improve communication skills. In Roblox you can have multiple close online friends, but still keep your entire identity secret, which is both cool and slightly creepy. But you don’t just make random friends, you need to socialise, which isn’t hard at all considering that most games have a “chat” button. So, Roblox helps you socialise and communicate.

I just want to clarify that I’m not asking you to let your kids go free on Roblox for 12 hours straight. No one should be playing Roblox for any longer than one and a half hours. Even that is too much. But don’t yell at your kids for not telling you every detail before they play a game. 99% of Roblox is safe and child-friendly. And, for any kids reading, I hope you had a good laugh.

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–  A fellow Roblox lover.

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Isla, From Year 6, is the Editor of Kegworth Times.

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