Plastic Free July

By Hudson


Plastic free July is next month so make sure t-… Hold up, what is Plastic free July? Well Plastic free July is a special month to make an effort on helping the environment, so think about… Have you been buying your favourite pre-made food and you didn’t take notice how much wasteful plastic you got, it affects wildlife, air pollution, plants and sometimes humans!

white plastic bottle on brown soil

Plastic free July checklist


  • Parents should make more of the food you eat and use a keep cup or  bio cups.

cooked dish on gray bowl

  • Stop using plastic things and start making your own utensils.


  • You should tell your parents about this and CHALLENGE THEM!!!


  • If your Eco Ego convinces your carer or guardian tell them to DO IT!!!

variety of sliced fruits



  • DON’T eat food which comes in plastic.


Remember to always recycle!

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Isla, From Year 6, is the Editor of Kegworth Times.

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