Humans of Kegworth

Humans of Kegworth: Ligita from the Sustainability Committee

How long have you been a Human of Kegworth?
I’m a new parent in Kegworth, my children started in 2021. I have Theo in 3V and Chloe in K- Green.

Is Kegworth anything like the school that you went to? why/why not?
I’m from Lithuania and I grew up in a resort town with white sandy beaches and lots of green spaces. The school I went to was surrounded by the beautiful trees, had a stadium and a basketball court. I love that Kegworth students have plenty of green space to play and appreciate this little oasis in the city. My school was a new modern building, so it did not have the history that Kegworth Public School has.

You are leading the Kegworth Sustainability committee – what are the first items on your to do list?
I’d like to help the students to recognise the importance of our environment and help them to make the decisions that reduce our ecological footprint by adopting sustainable practices at school and in our everyday lives. ‘Waste Free Wednesdays’ are in place to encourage the reduction of food waste. ‘Plastic Free July’ challenge is coming up to raise the awareness of single use plastic.  On ‘The National Tree Day’ I’d encourage you to connect with nature by planting trees and shrubs to improve our natural environment.

How can the Kegworth community support sustainability?
I would like to see the Environment & Sustainability committee expand, it would be awesome to have a like minded team of people.  Please get involved and support the sustainability projects. When we each do a little together we can achieve a lot!

Thanks for helping us build sustainability in our school!

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