The Story of a Girl and her Dad

By Maddie Boxsell, Reporter

One day a young girl named Maddie and her dad went to the ice-cream store. The girl got her usual order; cookies and cream ice cream and her dad got vanilla.

ice cream on black tray

They were walking to the park when Maddie’s dad did the most horrible thing ever! He took the tissue off his ice-cream cone and threw it into the bushes! “Why did you litter daddy!?” Maddie cried, “It’s bad for the environment and there’s a bin right over there!” and she pointed to the bin.


litter signage

“Well the park is that way,” he replied, pointing to the playground. “and you want to play as soon as possible, right?”. The Maddie though for a second, then said loudly “Maybe there isn’t a bin right here but there is one at the playground and you should not have littered, it is bad for the environment and all the animals.” Everyone was looking at her father and he looked very embarrassed as he picked up the tissue, which luckily didn’t fly away while they were speaking, and held it in his hand as they continued walking to the park.

girl playing at monkey bar during daytime

When they got there, Maddie’s dad threw the tissue in the bin, and neither of them ever littered again.

The End 😁

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Isla, From Year 6, is the Editor of Kegworth Times.
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