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3 Plans to Persuade Your Parents to Get a Pet

By Elena and Chiara

We all want a pet, but some parents will just keep saying no. Well, now you have a solution! Here are our 3 best plans to persuade your parents to get a pet! (no guarantee they’ll work but it’s worth a try)

white dog and gray cat hugging each other on grass

Plan 1. You could try to say that you are so lonely and that you are sooooo bored. For example you could cry over your boredom and say the only thing that will make you happy is a pet.

woman doing chin gesture while taking photo

Plan 2.  But if that backfires, your next plan is to tell your parents all the benefits of getting a pet ( mostly for you)  , for instance telling your parents that walking your pet or grooming your pet will be good exercise and that they could get a guard dog to protect your house.

white and brown long coat large dog

Plan3. Well third time’s the charm start by showing your parents you are responsible. Then do chores and save up pocket money to buy all that  your pet needs. Then finally if that does not work try to put on the adorable cute eyes.

tilt-shift photography of kitten near window

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Isla, From Year 6, is the Editor of Kegworth Times.

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