Waste Free Wednesday

By Jasper, Reporter

When Waste-Free Wednesdays were introduced, people immediately started committing to a waste-free lunchbox. But do you know what impact it has on the environment?

Yes, they didn’t even tell us what they thought it would change when they introduced it to us.

Now, I’ll tell you what impact it has on the environment.

muffin on yellow plastic container

So, Waste-Free Wednesdays are an activity to drastically reduce Kegworth’s plastic waste and move Kegworth one step closer to being sustainable. They are a weekly occasion that stops plastic waste for one day. But, it isn’t all about Waste-Free Wednesdays. Kegworth is still collecting Envirobank cans, and more and more people are donating through Return & Earn, but Waste-Free Wednesdays are the most recent.

So, commit to a clean lunchbox and join the sustainable revolution!

blue and white plastic bottles

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Isla, From Year 6, is the Editor of Kegworth Times.

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