Thank You, Volunteers

A Tribute to Volunteers Around The World, By Isla


1,103,790 people. That’s how many people volunteer for things per year. That’s 18.5% of the population! And that includes people who volunteer for RFS, AAOP, RSPCA,SES and many others. This is a crazy amount of people, and most of them are doing this for barely any money! That’s why we have National Volunteer Week. To thank them for all their hard work, and show them that we appreciate it.

five children smiling while doing peace hand sign

I just want to point out that most people who volunteer for things like this are doing dangerous work. The RFS (Rural Fire Service) has the highest number of volunteers out of all of the volunteer run organisations in Australia. People are putting themselves in the middle of fires or floods, purely because they want to help. This is really honourable and these people are extremely brave and kind.

fireman watering fire

It doesn’t matter how much people have done. These people may have rescued a cat. They may have delivered some food. They may have filled some sandbags. They have still helped. And this is an amazing example of human psychology. These people didn’t need to do this. They may not have even wanted to. But they did. And they deserve support.

men and women in a fun run activity

Thank you volunteers. You make our lives better. We couldn’t do this without you.

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Isla, From Year 6, is the Editor of Kegworth Times.

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