Why you Should Join Kegworth Running Club

By Tiana and Penny

Reasons why you should join the Kegworth running club

woman walking on road during daytime

It is great exercise on a Tuesday morning


It  is wonderful for your health

woman walking on pathway during daytime

It includes a walk to school after it has finished


It  teaches you how to keep a solid pace when you are running

person walking on beach during daytime

It helps with your technique when you run


You can learn many different things about running

brown and green track field during daytime

The coach is extremely kind, helpful and active and her name is Tessa


You can enjoy a good chat with your friends while you run

fiver person running on the field near trees

You get to improve with your running (by the way it is a really good feeling)


At the last 10 minutes we play very fun games like relay races


People support you with your running

man in running on pathway near trees

When you run you can improve in your speed each time you do a lap


It hasn’t been named yet. What will it be named? Suggest ideas on our Instagram or Facebook page.

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Isla, From Year 6, is the Editor of Kegworth Times.

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