Why I Enjoy Playing Soccer

By Miri


  • Reasons why I like soccer:

Close-up of a white line on green grass in a soccer field

  • You get a lot of exercise  


  • You get to run around with your friends

white and black ball on white metal frame

  • You get to enjoy the fresh air


  • It is good for your health

person in blue nike soccer shoes and black pants

  • You improve every time and get to win games and score goals


  • It improves your running and kicking skills


  • You get to wear a cool uniform and cool boots

black adidas cleats lean on white and black adidas soccer ball on green grass

  • You get to stay active throughout the Winter


  • You can play throughout the Summer as well

boy in red and blue soccer jersey kicking soccer ball on green grass field during daytime

  • The coaches are really helpful
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Isla, From Year 6, is the Editor of Kegworth Times.

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