By Saskia from the Press Gang

We don’t have any way to tell who was the first musician but music travels a long way. 

There are a lot of musical instruments in the world and lots of people play them, however there are also forms of music that aren’t made by an instrument for example singing. My favorite instruments are:  

The Cello: It is a string instrument and makes a rather deep sound.

The Drums: The drums can make very different sounds and still be the same instrument for example the Conga and the cymbals. 

On the radio you can listen to music, even in the car! You can also listen to music at other times, and if you want to listen to your own music put on some headphones. 

Happy, upbeat music makes me feel happy but low, sentimental music makes me feel sad, it’s amazing how much music can change your mood.

 So get out there and play some music! 


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