Why LEGO is the Best!

By Skye, Press Gang Alumni

I hope you all know what Lego is but if you don’t, It is small bricks that slot together, allowing you, with the right pieces, to build anything you want! It is a super fun and simple toy and I have lots of it. These are my top 5   reasons why I love it so much!white and multicolored building scale model

  1. It is (or can be) educational. Many schools have Lego because it is a toy that means nothing unless you use your imagination and creative thinking skills to build something! It helps people think creatively without having to do a boring worksheet at school!
  2. It is really fun! You can build whatever you want and then change it slowly or completely destroy it and start again. You can choose what to create and make anything, from a sculpture to a mosaic. New types of Lego are being created for different reasons so there are more fun pieces to experiment with!white and black lego toy
  3. It is popular and widely known. There are 2 major movies made with Lego stop motion as well as many Lego stop motion shows on Netflix. There are also very cool game/ reality shows like Lego Masters, a show where teams of 2 build amazing things  and every episode a team that builds the least impressive Lego gets disqualified until at the final round with 3 teams left. It is super cool and fun to watch these awesome creators build!blue building block lot
  4. It is a good toy for many ages. Lego has so many different types, including Duplo (Large blocks for younger kids), Lego friends and Lego city (normal size for kids around school and high school aged), Many movies, books and other themes of normal Lego (same age as Lego friends and city) and a few brands of mini Lego (for slightly older, more delicate and patient people). Of course you don’t have to use them at these ages, but it is good to have freedom to use this toy at all ages.
  5. It can keep you occupied. I sometimes get really bored, and Lego is a fun, great way to spend time! You can build for hours without getting bored and it is much better than staying on a laptop playing games and watching YouTube. There are infinite possibilities for combining pieces which means you won’t be repeating yourself when you are building. This is good because it means you won’t get bored easily.people holding miniature figures
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