Why I Love Rachel Platten’s ‘Fight Song’

By Isla, Editor of Kegworth Times

Yes, I’m a music nerd, who’s surprised? No one… ok then, nevermind…

Just kidding. Anyway, here’s the actual article:

“Fight Song” written by american singer Rachel Platten, is a beautiful, inspirational song that can help you get through hard times. My sister introduced this to me about a week ago and I, being the music nerd that I am, have been listening to it pretty much non-stop since then.

Rachel Platten Image credit: Facebook

It was a huge hit when it came out in 2015, but she didn’t actually mean for it to become so popular. “I wrote this song on a tour,” she said in an interview. “I wrote it because I was going through a hard time and I needed to remember to believe in myself… So the fact that it’s reached anyone other than me is amazing.”

Of course, no one is complaining because it is an absolutely amazing song. It has also become very popular for ASL and Auslan (American and Australian sign language) singers, and there are some amazing covers that have been done using her original song with sign language actions. These are so beautiful and uplifting, I highly recommend you have a look at some on YouTube.

And one last thing: 

No matter who you are,

No matter what you do,

No matter what happens to you,

Never give up.

I probably don’t even know you, but I care for you.

And there will always be people who care for you.

And there will always be people who love you.

Don’t cut.

Don’t kill.

Don’t hurt.

I need you.

The world needs you.

So never stop trying.

Have a great day, night, morning, evening, etc.

I love you.

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