Opinion/comedy: why headlamps are good

By Isla, editor of Kegworth Times


So, earlier today my sister told me a story of how her friend got a writing prompt to write about children wearing headlamps reading in the dark, and turned it into a persuasive piece, and it got me thinking; why don’t I do that too. So here are my top (*tries to think of a specific number, chooses 7*) 7 reasons why headlamps are good.


  1. You can use them to read in the dark! In the unlikely event of a blackout, you can just grab your headlamp, switch it on, and keep on reading your book.


2. It is bright! I mean, like, BRIGHT bright. Like, if there is a burglar, you could blind them! (Cue clapping. Hello? Clapping? Or not…. That’s fine too…)


3. It looks super weird. So if there is a fancy dress party, just dress up in black, and wear a headlamp. You’ll literally be dazzling people!


4. It makes for a good projector. You can make shadow puppets against the wall. Or… i don’t know. Something else cool!


5. It works as a torch! Simply take it off your head and hold it! (assuming you haven’t accidentally blinded yourself in the process. Yeah. That happens sometimes.)


6. It works as a nightlight. Even better, it works as a portable nightlight. You can bring it ANYWHERE! On holidays, in campground bathrooms, you can even go down to the deepest depths of your little sister’s room and WAKE HER UP! (just kidding, do NOT do that please)


7. It’s an awesome conversation starter. If someone asks, you can mention this article and tell them to SUPPORT KEGWORTH TIMES!


Thank you for reading this, I hope it was funny and slightly useful. I personally don’t think buying a headlamp is a great idea, unless you really want to but if you want one, go ahead! Also, If this was badly edited it’s because it was the FIRST ARTICLE I EVER POSTED. Yes, the first. Please don’t judge. Anyway, have a nice day!

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Isla, From Year 6, is the Editor of Kegworth Times.

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