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OPINION: Everyone Should Be Allowed To Own A Dog or Cat

By Skye, Press Gang Alumni (Year 6)

Do you really love animals, especially cats and dogs? I know I do, and I am very happy that I get to own a dog called Nibbles, who is wonderful in every way. Until a few years ago, I had no idea that some people can’t own dogs or cats in their home, there are often very strict rules against it. I think this is wrong! Everyone should have the right to own and love a pet.

I live in a complex, it is basically a load of houses that are all under the same rules and owned by the same group of people. Even though I’m not allowed to make a treehouse on a tree in it or something, I am grateful to have a full 3 – story home where I can do many things that I enjoy doing, including playing an instrument and running in my garage area. 


Some people are not as privileged as I am and have to rent, or live in flats/ apartments, with even stricter rules on everything. Most of the time, these people are not allowed dogs or cats, they are not allowed to nail anything to the walls and they sometimes have to be quiet because of close neighbours. They also have limited space to run that is not far/ further away from their home.

Although most of these things are necessary, the cat and dog rule is not and is unfair in many ways. Firstly, people can actually train their pets. I have had my dog for almost 6 years and she has never scratched the walls or largely damaged (Not at all damaged except for the garden) anything in my home. This is the same with many cats if you teach them how to be well behaved. 

Secondly, many dogs do not shed or bark much, in fact, over 20 different breeds of dog don’t shed and if you train them well enough, don’t bark either. The only times dogs will bark is when they are in pain suddenly and they may yelp once and when they hear people at your door and bark to warn you and protect you. Cats also don’t shed if you get certain breeds and their meow is very quiet. The good thing is, even if you are allergic to dogs or cats, some animals are hypoallergenic meaning they don’t affect people with allergies! (YAY!!!)

Thirdly, dogs and cats can make people happier and not allowing them to be with people can be very sad. So many dog and cat lovers are out there, the Kegworth Times has over 15 articles about dogs and cats. If people are restricting pets in homes, more people won’t get to experience the joy of having a pet by their side.

That is why I think all homes should be allowed to own a dog or cat if they want to, regardless of if they are renting or in an apartment/ flat.

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