OPINION: Why You Should Eat All Your Easter Eggs This Weekend

By Jade from the Press Gang

It’s that time of the year again. It’s Easter. There’s chocolate, friends, family, games and chocolate. Wait I think I already mentioned that well it is a pretty big part of Easter. 

There’s also the kegworth hat parade, we decorate a hat to wear for this special occasion, put our hats on and march around the playground, but the older kids do something else. We make egg ventions. What’s egg vention you say? Well basically a joke about eggs or Easter but the tricky part is making it so you don’t only have to think of the joke but build it too. Then we show everybody at school and it is so much fun to see what everyone else has made too.

Jade’s Eggvention!


Chocolate is the biggest part of Easter. It’s so delicious and doing the Easter egg hunts is so much fun. When you find the chocolate you can eat it. This is the one day a year that your dentist or parents can’t say anything to stop you. Well actually there’s 4 days good friday, Easter saturday, Easter sunday and Easter monday. 

If you don’t eat it all these 4 days it will sit in the kitchen for months and then your mum finally says yes you can eat some chocolate and then you unwrap it and it’s mouldy or the ant has infested it. So trust me, eat it all.

Easter is great because you can see your family and friends and play games but especially because of chocolate.

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