Opinion: Fruit Is Much Better Than Vegetables

By Jade from the Press Gang

Who likes brussel sprouts? Well obviously no one. Who likes broccoli, avocado, peas I could go on all day. As you can see my point is that nobody likes vegetables. On the other hand fruit is delicious and there are so many different types. 

We have vegetables for dinner but the only fruit we have for dinner is cucumber, pumpkin and tomatoes, which many people still call vegetables. If we can have vegetables for dinner why can’t we have fruit? Fruit is just as good for vegetables and they taste better. My mum calls me a fruit bat because I eat sooooooo much fruit and almost all of them ( not bananas though that’s just disgusting). Have you ever wished that the table would eat your big bowl of gross green stuff AND CABBAGE whole. Trust me you’re not the only one.

Vegetables are basically another way of saying, math – boring and plain, but fruit is a mixture of colours, flavours, vitamins and minerals. Have you ever seen a pumpkin? –  they’re ugly, better yet – revolting. Passionfruit looks like a shriveled up handball but they’re delicious. 

Vegetables are torture the way they are, but adding them to yummy stuff like cake, CARROT CAKE not a good move but fruit in a crumble, oh that’s so delicious. 

As you can now see fruit is delicious and vegetables are gross and there is nothing that will change that! 


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