TECH: What Games Are Popular Right Now?

By Josh from the Press Gang

Gaming is a serious league sometimes especially on YouTube and other streaming platforms like Twitch. 

There are loads of games that are VERY popular for instance Minecraft, Among Us and many more!


Among Us is a game that blew up in 2020. It has approximately 500 MILLION

Players. When the new game was released in 2018 it only received $30. Innersloth made $39,000,000 when COVID-19 occurred! Among Us is going to make a new map called The Airship, I’m looking forward to this new event! JOSH. RATING: 9.3/10


Roblox is a popular online game where there are lots of games, mini games,

Simulators, roleplay games, tycoons and other game topics! You can also customize your own avatar IF you have an account. Unfortunately you are unable to be a guest (you can have a free account so if you have Roblox, get an account!). A guest is an account with no details and no benefits. If you follow some safety rules then it will be an extremely fun game for you!!!!!!!!!

 You would definitely enjoy this game without a doubt! JOSH. RATING : 8.8/10


We can not forget about Minecraft! Minecraft is a 10 year old game that’s all about creativity, survival and adventure. It’s a 3D pixelated game with loads of biomes to visit and explore, you can imagine surviving in the middle of nowhere until you have food, gear, a place to live and a goal! You can find mobs to defeat (animals that would be in a farm are passive), and there are even bosses to defeat, this game will spark your imagination! JOSH. RATING:10/10


Forager is another survival game that is a 2D pixelated game that has quests, skills , and combat. Unfortunately it is not multiplayer (I’m not sure)but it is still fun with islands bosses, this is a really good game because you can find loot that you could find in maybe Minecraft.

Forager is clearly an excellent game for any ages to play! JOSH. RATING: 7/10


Rocket League is an online car game that has loads of minigames! Like Soccar, this is fun because of all the strategy to get the ball and win. There is either 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, competitive or the event, it’s cool because of the graphics and all of the fields you can play on!

You can customise your car and play with your friends. If you are at a party(a game party not an actual party.) together you can all play a game and be on the same team! All of the effects

And all of the games make this game really fun!JOSH. RATING:6.7/10

Well those are all of the games that I definitely enjoy, I think these games are fun, hard, easy, creative, skillful and most of all…AWESOME!!

These are all of my opinions, what do you think?

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