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Special Report: So You Want To Be An SRC?

By Tiana and Mire from the Press Gang

In our school we have interviewed a bunch of students asking them the same question, which is, what would you recommend for a SRC speech.         

Year 5 SRC Members

 Elena said that you have to make your speech fun and interesting but not too much about you. Verity said, don’t bribe people into voting for you. Saskia said, talk about fundraisers and ways you can make the school better.

What they are all trying to say is follow what you think you should do to write your speech and the students will decide what they think and if they like your speech you might just be SRC.

Year 2 SRC members

We went to interview Ms Hill and here is what she told us the the three main thing the SRCs look at and they are; 

  • look after the environment and care about it,
  • make sure that everyone is following the three Cs courtesy, care and commitment
  • listen to what the students have to say because they are the SRCs.

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