Owen Makes A Splash!

By The Press Gang

Owen B is Kegworth’s very own swimming star, named Age Champion at the recent Balmain Zone Swimming he continues to go from strength to strength. In this exclusive interview, Press Gang reporters sat down with Owen to chat all things swimming.

Press Gang: Is it true that you’re the only Kegworth Kid to get to regionals?

Owen: I’m really happy to be going to regionals. Kegworth only had 16 kids in our zone team this year, that’s not really that many. I’m really nervous about competing in the regionals. There are kids in the completion that dedicate their whole life to swimming, doing eight training sessions a week and stuff like that – it’s insane.

Press Gang: How did you cope during lockdown when you couldn’t swim?

Owen: Yeah, that was horrible. I felt bad, because I wasn’t really able to get any fitness. I was really stressed out.

Owen with Leichhardt Swimming Club

Press Gang: Tell us a bit about your training regime?

Owen: I train about six hours a week. Each session is an hour, but morning sessions are always an hour and 30 minutes.

Press Gang: How do you find the motivation to get up early to swim?

Owen: My mum wakes me up. I don’t wake up myself. But I just get up and do it anyways, because I know I’m with some of my friends there.

Press Gang: Are you the best swimmer at Kegworth?

Owen: I think I’m good at swimming, but I’m not saying I’m the best at swimming in the school. All the people that made it to Zone are probably just as good as I am.

Thanks Owen!

UPDATE: Own went to Regionals on the 16th March. After gaining a 4 second PB in the 50m breaststroke he is off to the NSW PSSA Swimming Championships!

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