OPINION: Everyday Should Be ‘Clean Up Australia Day’

By Aya from the Press Gang

On friday the 7th of march at school we did clean up Australia day. Every year there is a clean up Australia day, but I am not convinced that it is enough. I think everyday should be clean up Australia day.

Kegworth Kids took to local streets to pick up litter

 Everyday when you see a piece of rubbish then you should pick it up and put it in the bin, especially if it is your own rubbish. If you look around you when you are out for a walk or something, then you will always see a lot of rubbish around you and it is good practice to just help the world a little bit by picking up the rubbish that you see.

Year 6 students taking part in Clean Up Australia Day

 If everyone does that when they see rubbish lying around then we would have a much cleaner world, and it might seem like you aren’t doing much but in the long run it will help our world and everyone else.

 Take a few seconds to pick up a piece of rubbish that’s lying around and just put it in the nearest bin. 

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