The Truth about NRL vs Gymnastics

By Saskia and Felicity from the Press Gang

We have interviewed a handful of students in the senior playground and it seems that Gymnastics is the more popular than NRL. But we think that might be because we mostly interviewed girls and the majority of girls in Kegworth like Gymnastics.

Now the group of boys we interviewed all had a strong opinion, they loved N.R.L. Like seriously isn’t it like boys Vs girls instead?

That’s not what we want. We want to know which one is better N.R.L or Gymnastics. We both prefer Gymnastics but we don’t hate N.R.L – it is still a fun and engaging sport. When we interviewed the girls they all straight away said Gymnastics without a hint of indecision.

We think that should be changed, just because lots of boys like N.R.L doesn’t mean that girls are not allowed to like it too. It’s ok if you actually don’t like N.R.L or you actually don’t like Gymnastics, it’s just that if you like one of them but you say you like the other because your friends say that one.

But we would like to mix it up and know the truth, we want girls liking N.R.L and boys liking Gymnastics. 21 students like Gymnastics and 7 students like N.R.L  and that’s like a size of a class.

And that’s why we want the truth! 

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