Pets of Kegworth

Pets of Kegworth: Coco The Dog

By Holly from the Press Gang

What is your name? Coco 

What type of pet are you? I am a dog

How long have you been a pet of Kegworth? I have been a pet of Kegworth for 8 months

What do you like about being a pet? I like being a pet because I get tummy rubs and treats all the time for free. There is no cash involved in my life.

Who are your owners and who do you like the best? My owners are my mum called Karen and my dad is called Aaron and my sister is called Holly. She is the best ever. 

What do you like best about your owners? THEY GIVE ME FOOOOOD!! 

What is your favourite thing to do during the day? I like playing with my toys and I like chewing my treats because they are yummy also when my mummy’s gone I have the whole house to myself and I can do very bad things because I’m a BAD girl! 

What is your most annoying habit (that annoys your human)?  Well I pee when i’m excited and scared, WHAT?! I can’t control my bladder problems.

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