OPINION: Vegetables Do Not Belong In Cake

By Cerys from the Press Gang

Hi, I’m Cerys and i’m here to report  that parents LIE!!! 

They might, just might sneak food, which by the way doesn’t belong there, in your everyday snacks. 

Trust me I know, I  experienced it firsthand when my mum gave me a piece of banana bread. I know that sounds fine, tasty even, but just wait! Later I found out that there was parsnip in it, PARSNIP!!!!!  

Later that afternoon she gave me a whole speech, a lecture, a series of sentences that sound like ‘blah blah blah’, about, yep you guessed it, about putting parsnip in the banana bread. While this was happening all I could think about, was the terrible crime she had committed.

But wait, not only did my mum poison our cake with parsnip, she also admitted to hiding beetroot in our brownies. I mean seriously, vegetables and sweet treats don’t go together. They just don’t!

I wanted to find out if it’s just my mum that does this or whether it’s a common practice among Kegworth parents and careers. So Kegworth Times posted a poll in the Kegworth Community Facebook Group. 

The results shocked me to my core! Out of the 29 people who responded, 26 of them had committed the crime of giving their kids veggie loaded cake. In other words, 90 per cent of Kegworth parents have tricked their children into eating cake with hidden ingredients! 

Although my mum might go on about how it’s for my own good and it will make me healthy ,I for one think it is evil to sneak veggies into a cake. 

It’s good to know that some parents get it – one Kegworth dad commented on the poll, “there’s a time and place to be healthy. Cake (thankfully) doesn’t fall into either category.”

It’s time we fought back – let cake be cake!

And a final warning… always check the ingredients of your cake before eating it. 


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