Five Reasons Why You Should Try A Cold Shower

By Isla from the Press Gang

Recently I’ve been having colder showers and I’m finding them really helpful, so without further ado; here are five reasons why you should have cold showers!

  1. It is refreshing for your body. You might not realise it, but we actually get very hot, even just walking to school and back. Cold showers can help cool your body down.

2. It can help wake you up. If you wake up in the morning feeling tired or groggy, a cold shower can help you wake up ( kind of like dumping a bucket of water on your head, but less annoying )

3. It can help you get to sleep. If you have a cold shower, it can calm your body down and adjust your body temperature so that you can get to sleep easier ( true fact: If your body is colder, you get to sleep faster ).

4. It can help you focus. If you are struggling to think clearly, a cold shower can wake your brain up and give you time to think through your problems in a calm environment.

5. It can calm you down. If you are stressed, you are likely to feel hot and that will make you irritable or angry. A cold shower can physically and mentally calm you down, and help you act out of reason, rather than anger or stress.

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