Special Report: Pusheen Uncovered

By Oliva and Maddie from The Press Gang

Image credit: Facebook

Confused about why all the kids suddenly love this cartoon cat? New Press Gang members Olivia and Maddie are here to help.

Q. Why is Pusheen called Pusheen?

A. Pusheen is called Pusheen because in Irish Pusheen means kitten.

Q. Why is Pusheen so famous?

A. Pusheen is famous for her animated comics and GIFs posted on Pusheen.com.

Q. Why was Pusheen created?

A. Pusheen was created in 2010 by Claire Belton and Andrew Duff, their comic strip on the website, Every Day Cute.

Q. What is Pusheen’s favourite hobby?

A. Pusheen’s favourite hobby is baking in her mini kitchen and sharing her treats.

Q. When is Pusheen’s birthday?

Pusheen’s birthday is on the 18th of Feb 2020 (happy belated birthday!) 


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