Six Tips For Great Swimming

By Louis from the Press Gang

With the Kegworth Swimming carnival coming up, new Press Gang reporter, Louis has put together a list of six tips for great swimming!

1. When diving into the water make sure that your hands hit the water first in a streamline.

Swim stars Louis and older brother Owen

2. In breaststroke don’t move your arms all the way down to your hips, they don’t go below your shoulders.

3. When you’re doing backstroke, make sure your thumb comes  out of the water first and your pinkie goes into the water first.

Leichhardt swimming club celebrate a win!

4. When breathing during butterfly try to go up as soon as your hands touch the water.

5. When you are doing a race in backstroke and freestyle, when you finish touch with one hand. However, when you’re doing breaststroke or butterfly, touch the wall with two hands.

Louis at the RSL swimming comp

6. In freestyle, look down at the bottom of the pool.

Good luck to all the swimmers in the Kegworth Swimming Carnival this week! 

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