You Can Make A Difference

By Aya from the Press Gang

Have you ever thought about donating to a charity?

Well, anyone can. The thing you donate doesn’t need to be money, it can be clothes or toys that you don’t want anymore.

This year I quit sugar ( as much as I could ) for a week and got my family to sponsor me so I could raise money  for the AYCC climate change charity.

If you don’t think you can make a difference as just one person, then you can try something like this and see how one person can help change the world.

The thing that inspired me to do this was just that I was very concerned about climate change ( and still am ) so I decided I would try to help slow it down. When I grow older I hope to become part of the AYCC team. 

So if ever you feel like you can’t make a difference, then just remember anyone can.

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