Why It’s Important To Drive Safely Near Schools

By Isla from The Press Gang

Recently I’ve noticed that a lot of parents have been driving recklessly near our school, which is a big issue for all the kids who have to walk to school or even just get out of their car. Because of this, I’ve decided to write this article on this topic and hopefully persuade adults to drive more carefully around school zones.

One of the main problems is speeding, aka driving too fast. If you aren’t driving within the speed limit, kids are less likely to see you & you are less likely to see them, causing major accidents. Another thing associated with speeding is driving through a red light. Not only is this against the law, but it is dangerous for anyone who is near you & wants to cross the road.

Another problem that we have with people driving near schools is that adults don’t always stop to look at zebra crossings or traffic islands. The polite thing to do is stop & look for people & if they are there, wave your palm sideways to indicate that they can go. Unfortunately, people tend to just keep on driving, which means that anyone who is there can get easily hurt without the driver noticing.

As well as this, there is the problem of reckless driving, when you don’t keep a lookout for other cars. This can happen when you are reversing, or when there is a red light in front of you and you miss it, but car crashes can affect you and anyone around there. As well as the drivers getting hurt, other people can be hit by shrapnel, resulting in serious injury for them as well as you.

Another important message that I want to get across is distractions. If you are in that driver’s seat, you shouldn’t be putting on makeup ( yes that includes concealer, lip balm & blush, what did you think I meant ) or looking at your phone or watch. If you need to check the time then it’s on the dashboard, and you don’t need to check every single text  that you see. When you’re driving a car, it’s best to focus on the road or the wheel so that you don’t hit something.

Don’t do this

Thousands of people die in Australia per year getting hit by cars. Many of these accidents happen in school zones. We need to stop this, so if you are an adult reading this, think about the way you drive. Make sure that you aren’t putting anyone in danger when you drive and always remember to focus when you are behind the wheel. I hope you understand how much this will help & thank you for taking this into account.

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